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The rise of streaming platforms would not go unnoticed by other sectors and it was a matter of time before the first approaches were made. On this occasion, the most important and exciting phase of the 2020 NFL season has reached a new platform in search of conquering a new audience.

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Today, Twitch and the NFL announced the first official transmission of a seasonal game through the streaming platform and what better than during the playoffs, known for being games full of emotion and drama and that in many cases are decided at the end of the game. last room. The celebration for the arrival of the NFL to Twitch takes place with the broadcast of the game corresponding to the wild card round between the Chicago Bears and the New Orleans Saints.

The official transmission of the first game of the NFL Playoffs on Twitch has generated divided opinions, as one sector considers that it is something that little or nothing has to do in a platform dedicated mostly to gaming, while others consider it as an opportunity to see something different. Of course, this transmission is only available in the United States, a limitation that has generated complaints from fans of American football and video games outside that country, who asked that they be taken into account.

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