The odyssey of Unionistas de Salamanca, forced to travel to Ferrol against their will in the middle of a storm Filomena

Since it arrived Filomena to Spain, the advice most repeated by state, regional and local authorities is the same: reduce road trips to the absolute minimum. Under this premise, football has been affected, with suspensions of matches in First and Second, but also in the lower categories and outside professional football.

The Wanda Metropolitano, Atlético de Madrid stadium, during the Filomena storm.

Others, however, do not. It is the case of the encounter between Racing de Ferrol and Unionists of Salamanca. The charro team issued a statement formally requesting the suspension of the meeting scheduled for this Sunday, given the difficulties in making the road trip. Some 500 kilometers They separate the Castilian town from the Galician town, with the obligation to pass difficult ports along the way, such as the Padornelo on the border with Ourense.

“Unionistas de Salamanca wants to show their amazement at being forced to make a trip to Galicia tomorrow, putting the health of the expedition at risk in conditions that go against all the recommendations of the DGT, the transport ministry, the government sub-delegation and other authorities “, they expressed in a statement on Saturday, where they cite the instructions of the Government Subdelegation in Castilla y León.

“It recommends not traveling in the current weather conditions; while the Salamanca City Council has announced that the city is on an orange alert and has suspended the bus service in the capital both today and tomorrow,” they noted in the previous day.

The snowstorm makes it difficult to take off at Madrid-Barajas Airport.

Despite everything, the RFEF decided do not listen to their prayers and the game remained for this Sunday. “Despite having sent to the RFEF numerous documents proving that traveling is totally inadvisable both today and tomorrow, and having suspended two other affected parties with identical circumstances so far, we have not received official ratification of the suspension of the match after the communication made by the FCyLF “, they pointed out.

Some players even had to leave their cars stuck and be picked up by others to catch the bus. The videos that Unionistas have been sharing on their social networks speak for themselves:

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