The Opera browser becomes a waifu to accompany its lonely users

Still used by many Internet users, Opera is still one of the favorite browser options for many users on the Internet, not only because of its features and functions, but because when you feel more lonely, it could even become a waifu to accompany you.

Launched in 1995, Opera was created by the Norwegian company Opera Software and is currently in the hands of the Chinese company Golden Brick Capital. This browser uses the Blink 3 rendering engine and is the parent of features like Speed ​​Dial or Speed ​​Dial. It is available for computers, cell phones and tablets.

According to a report published on the website of we are kudasaion the occasion of the recent Valentine’s Day, the developers of the browser released a temporary update for Opera GX, the version of the browser designed for gamers, transforming it into Opera GF, an abbreviation of girlfriend (girlfriend in English).

Operates like a waifu

With this, the explorer became a waifu, which in the anime and manga world is a female character intended as a wife, hence the resemblance of this word to wife (wife in English).

This themed release included a chocolate box of mods and customization options from February 14 to make the Opera browsing experience even more fun and romantic.

On Valentine’s Day, Opera GF users were invited to activate the special mod and were greeted by GX Aura, the show’s digital mascot and their “date” for 14F.

The mod also includes a special wallpaper, unique UI and keyboard sound effects, background music, and a custom shader that scatters hearts across the screen.

This theme demonstrated the potential of GX Mods, Opera’s new feature that launched in beta on February 14, ushering in a new era of browser modding.