The mandatory use of masks It is monopolizing a series of controversies and criticisms by the population, especially for the high cost that have, 0.96 euros the unit in most pharmacies and until new stocks can start arriving at cheaper prices.

The Government decreed that the maximum price per unit would be 0.96 euros, but in cases of several family members in the homes and the need to replace them, the cost will skyrocket in the citizenry. And, in addition, what many had not fallen into is that these sanitary products are being taxed with a VAT of 21%, the same as luxury, leisure, tourism …

For example, even industrial pastries or carbonated drinks have less tax, he explains. Emilio Calatayud, pharmacist who is monopolizing a great success with a campaign on ‘’ by which he asks the Executive to apply a super-reduced VAT for this product that has become a basic necessity and, in addition, compulsory use in public spaces closed and open when social distancing cannot be guaranteed.

“Right now a mask has the same VAT as a car, for example. And there are products such as industrial pastries or carbonated drinks, not exactly beneficial for health, that have a lower VAT. The Government withdrew VAT on face masks and other medical devices when their destination is public, non-profit entities or hospital centers. But consumers, millions of Spaniards, continue to pay 21% “, explains Calatayud in his collecting signatures, which already reach almost 150,000 this Friday.

This pharmacist from Granada remembers that masks, along with products such as hydroalcoholic gels, “have become a very essential commodity: we are almost required to wear them and, when we use them, we are helping to protect ourselves and others.” “That is why it is fair that these products are taxed at 4%, as are the goods or products that are essential, including medicines for human use. This will ensure that everyone can access these without major difficulties. products, “he explains.