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For this 2021 Pantone chose not just one, but two colors to help us start the year with strength and hope.

Meet PANTONE Illuminating Yellow and PANTONE Ultimate Gray, two high-contrast independent colors that came to remind us how different elements can come together to support each other.

Illuminating yellow is a very active color with a warm, optimistic and lively touch, it reminds us of sunlight, energy and joy.

Ultimate Gray is a very neutral and natural medium gray that evokes stone and concrete, which is why it gives us a great feeling of security, calm and strength.

Together, these two colors give a lot of play and complement each other in a perfect way to bring a feeling of freshness and vitality to our home without neglecting stability, everything we need for this 2021.

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Thanks to the practicality of gray and the warmth and intensity of yellow, it is a super easy palette to apply, especially in living rooms, offices, playrooms or kitchens.

In addition, they are colors widely used to decorate unisex children’s rooms.

However, in bathrooms and bedrooms, yellow must be used more carefully so as not to saturate the environments. But don’t stop having fun with it!

The logical way to use this palette is that not everything is gray or yellow, but rather that they stand out as sources of color, accompanying them more than anything with the versatility of white to provide spaciousness and luminosity.

This palette added to warm colors, such as pinks or oranges, helps us to achieve cozy environments, while if we need a touch of contrast we can choose its complementary, blue or very intense greens.

In case yellow seems very strong for your furniture or walls, you can choose to integrate it into decorative accessories such as textiles, paintings, lamps, ornaments or just some details.

For its part, gray is perfect for covering large surfaces, since due to its neutrality and calm it is impossible for it to visually saturate us, for this reason, it needs other colors to give it interest.

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If you are looking for ways to fill your environments with strength and vitality, the colors that Pantone proposes for 2021 will not disappoint you!

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