The proposal of the private Health that Salvador Illa rejects would allow free vaccinations to 11 million people News Spain

The Private sanity has offered in recent days its total availability to collaborate with the vaccination campaign, which has started amid criticism for its slow progress. However, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has closed the door to this possibility, which would allow vaccinating, completely free of charge, 11 million people, according to the sector.

The vaccination strategy of the Ministry of Health -which is included in a plan whose last update dates from December 18- does not contemplate participation in the private health process, despite the fact that this would allow to expand resources and improve, therefore, the rate of immunization.

In full pandemic crisis, and with cases clearly on the rise, Illa nevertheless defends that vaccination will only be in charge of the public system. « We are sure that public health has sufficient resources of all kinds to administer the doses we receive, » said the minister last week, in response to the private offer.

The head of Health – a candidate in addition to the PSC for the next Catalan elections – remains convinced that the initial plan drawn up by his department will be fulfilled. That is, in summer 33 million citizens, 70% of the population, are vaccinated.

“I know the work that is being done and in a few days we will be at cruising speed. This is a long-distance race, not a sprint, and the goal is to get underway to do a long-distance race that will last for months, ”insisted Illa in the face of criticism for the lack of foresight in vaccines.

Incorporating the private health into vaccination would allow to speed up the process extraordinarily. From the Institute for the Development and Integration of Health (IDIS Foundation) it has been warned that the increase in the number of infections in recent weeks and the increase in the associated demand for assistance, together with the already existing saturation in Care services Primary, « will make the speed of the vaccination campaign even more difficult, » which makes it « essential » that all available resources be used so that, as soon as possible, a greater percentage of the population is vaccinated.

More resources

The privately owned Healthcare has 458 hospitals, more than 12,000 medical centers and nearly 270,000 professionals. «Contemplating a dynamic logistics that adds wills and efforts for the whole process is key, avoiding that the available vaccines are waiting to be administered to the previously established population segment and allowing progress in other population groups to achieve the immunization objective in the shortest possible time « , they indicated from this organism in a communiqué.

“Vaccinating the largest volume of the population in the shortest possible time is essential and for this the sum of all the efforts and material and human resources offered by the system in its double ownership is key and this should be precisely the priority objective for control the epidemiological situation as soon as possible, since any delay has an obvious impact in terms of morbidity and mortality, well-being and quality of life for the population, « the note added.

From Health, on the other hand, they point out that the Government’s vaccination plan works. The number of infections has exceeded two million this week in our country.

The Government also refuses to incorporate the Army into vaccination, as Minister Margarita Robles herself has offered. « As soon as the health authorities understand or value that the armed forces can help, we will be available there, » said the Minister of Defense.

The proposal is not to the liking of the Executive of Sánchez who, as revealed by OKDIARIO, rejected it up to two times in the meetings of the Coronavirus Monitoring Committee that he chairs every two weeks.

Sánchez understood that vaccination should be the exclusive responsibility of civilian health, despite the fact that, according to internal calculations of the Armed Forces, a team of 15 military health personnel could vaccinate more than a thousand people a day.

The criticisms of the vaccination strategy also point out the absence of an organized plan by the Ministry to distribute the doses of the vaccine, so as to ensure the supply of a second application, mandatory in the case of the Pfizer vaccine. to ensure immunity.

This lack of indications has forced the regions to cover their backs, as the Community of Madrid is doing, reserving vaccines to guarantee a second dose, which must be administered 21 days apart from the first.

This fact does not like Illa either. « I understand that these first days some communities, nothing happens, they want to have a strategic reserve to make sure, but I think that when we see that deliveries occur regularly, everyone’s will is to provide vaccines to the population as soon as possible » the minister said recently.

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