the proposals of the chartered accountants to Bruno Le Maire

The clouds are still piling up above French micro-businesses and SMEs at the start of 2021. The appearance of new variants, the hardening of containment measures in the most tense areas have dampened hopes of a recovery. fast and strong in the first trimester.

In its latest economic report, the Banque de France anticipates a loss of GDP of around 7% in January. In this tormented context, the Order of Chartered Accountants, chaired by Lionel Canesi, will soon present 50 proposals to the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

“Preparing for the recovery should be a national cause. Our role is to make proposals for improving the current systems and to launch avenues to revive the economy […] In France, we are fortunate to have extraordinary measures but we have to look at who the aid workers are forgotten“, explained the manager during a press point.

It should be remembered that the government has since the start of the pandemic implemented a number of emergency measures extremely favorable to businesses (EMP, solidarity fund, postponement of contributions and levies). The arrival of the vaccine in France and the possible slowdown in the number of contaminations in the coming months open up prospects for economic recovery.

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