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Marvel boss Kevin Feige continues to hint at the future of superhero productions. Will it be the best move?

In 2018 and 2019, The Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones moved to another dimension: that of canceled productions. Marvel is now not ruling out reviving them, according to Kevin Feige, the company’s chief producer.

Feige spoke with Deadline about it, and this is what he said.

« I’ve been at Marvel long enough not to say ‘never’ about anything, » he noted.

Netflix decided to cancel all series within two years, leaving fans orphans of these urban heroes.

Where could these Marvel heroes appear? Let’s play to locate them

Marvel has the rights to The Defenders, the group that brings together The Punisher, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, in addition to Daredevil. Already in November 2020, fans campaigned to rescue the blind fighter, making the hashtag #SaveDaredevil viral.

Is there a chance to see Daredevil on Disney +? It seems difficult.

Charlie Cox, who played the character, claimed he « didn’t believe it. » « I wouldn’t love anything more than to do it again, but I don’t think so, no. »

Another option would be to see it in the next Spider-Man movie, with Tom Holland as the wall-crawler in its third part.

In the case of Jessica Jones, it has been speculated that she will appear in She-Hulk, the confirmed Disney + series.

Which of these series do you think has the best chance of coming back to life and why? Which one would you like to see again?

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