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Leaders.  Jaime García Narro, associate dean of executive education at the EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey.Leaders. Jaime García Narro, associate dean of executive education at the EGADE Business School of Tecnológico de Monterrey Source: Courtesy

2021 has already started. It is clear to us that we continue to face health crisis. Still we have good news: the arrival of a vaccine. However, we must be aware that its application will take time and new doubts emerge about Covid-19 mutations and its degree of contagion; now they question the effectiveness of vaccines against the mutated virus. In some cities of our country, health services are frequently saturated and make it impossible to provide adequate care for patients who urgently require it.

Along with this reality, another unfolds in which thousands of doctors, nurses and health personnel continue fighting for the lives of his patients with more knowledge and scientific resources. New technology has been developed and is evidently the fruit of innovation and a sense of urgency. Companies and institutions have been finding accommodations that favor the physical and psychological health care of their employees. In general, it is already possible to find readings, videos and other materials on social networks, as well as support groups that help to overcome the health crisis that we have had to live through.

However, all this confusing, unstable and dynamic environment pushes us towards a state of uncertainty where our knowledge is not enough and our experience is not completely useful. This is not only annoying, but for many it is a serious issue and, as time passes and the adverse situation continues, it also becomes at a health risk.

It is natural that in these circumstances an emotional exhaustion occurs that has a negative impact on all areas of our lives: the work, personal and family, physical and psychological life of the collaborator. And unfortunately, for companies, it translates as absenteeism, resignations and low productivity.

It is critical to renew hope, but not an illusory hope but an active one. Must be realistic about the future which is accompanied by concrete actions that build or add to that better future. The hope should not be limited to sit and wait for things to happen, but to have the confidence that we will be in a better place, the best possible, and that for this we will add our daily grain of sand. Now, this does not mean that we will solve all the ills of the world, but that we will even do more than we have to to imagine or paint a better future, a much better one.

If we expect the incidence of the virus to decrease in our community, then what can we actively do to achieve this? And I’m not talking about actions to protect me only, butWhat am I doing so that the neighbor, the relative, the friend protect themselves? and let’s create a self-care stream that is nothing more than a rempathy ed that creates bonds of community.

We must move away from an individualistic sense. In this sense, all actions, even the smallest ones, matter and impact and lead us to a better place. How different would the incidence indicators of this virus be if we had a cultural trend or care trend. Be careful: having active hope does not mean denying that we will also feel different emotions. Some satisfying and some painful. Between them, Give up the comfort of the victim role. Even though it may seem absurd, taking refuge in victimization may seem comfortable to more than one, unfortunately it promotes inaction. Let’s not wait until we get to such a dire point where hope is a desperate answer. Reality always presents us with a mosaic of different emotions that we will have to go through, but surely the difficult ones will be more easily passable if we rely on an active hope, certain that we work to be all better and, of course, for the good of all.

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