The racist response from the Basaksehir bench to the referee that was not heard live

The moments of discussion between Pierre Webo, Demba Ba and the fourth official of the 15 minutes played at PSG-Basaksehir on Tuesday left much behind. In the heat of the discussion, the referees defended themselves from his inexcusable words, but from the Istanbul team bench they did not shut up.

In fact, and this will be taken into account UEFA in their investigations, they also dedicated racist comments towards the collegiate. “This is the Champions League, not the Romanian league,” belittled a member of the Basaksehir bench, something that in itself is not racist, if he had not added a point that has come to light now: “In my country, the Romanians are gypsies. “

This phrase refers not so much to the gypsy ethnic group itself, very populous in that area of ​​Europe, but from the point of view pejorative of the word gypsy.

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The match resumed the next day with a unanimous anti-racism message from the two teams, who knelt on the ground with raised fists and T-shirts with the message ‘No to racism’. PSG won by a resounding 5-1, with what they passed first of group H to the round of 16, while the Istanbul team said goodbye to their first, but unforgettable, participation in the Champions League.

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