The result is wonderful

This is probably not the best use for Artificial Intelligence. But no one can deny that he enjoys it and consumes it like cold water in the summer. The conflict between Shakira and Gerard Piqué, with a third party in discord, causes automatic learning mechanisms to imagine lots of things related to these protagonists.

We recently saw what Clara Chía Martí, the third in contention in this episode, would look like when she is Shakira’s age, who at 46 looks intact.

Later we saw how Artificial Intelligence showed us Piqué in the same scenario: his facial appearance at 46 years of age. We leave the results to his own judgment, because here we come to complete the perfect trinomial.

According to a review by The fourth, these machine learning systems have been asked to develop the image of the Colombian singer when she is 60 years old. The result is wonderful. The years are not going to pass in vain, clearly, but neither will they hit Shakira as many think

Artificial Intelligence puts a few wrinkles on the face of the Barranquillera, but keeps her beauty intact, as we all think Shakira will reach that age.

Shakira and Piqué’s breakup has been one of the most talked about in the last nine months. The highest point, in addition to the announcement, was when the singer released a song dedicated to the former player of FC Barcelona and the Spanish team, in collaboration with the Argentine DJ, Bizarrap.