the return of man to the moon is near

The POT announced that the Artemis II mission, the continuation of the program that plans to return man to the Moon, already has a launch date: the end of November 2024.

As he recalls a report published on the website of infobaethe Artemis I mission ended on December 11 after 25 days in space with the Orion spacecraft hovering around the galactic surroundings of our natural satellite, successfully without crew members.

It was Jim Free, the associate administrator of the US space agency, who confirmed the date on which they plan to start Artemis II. He recalled that they are looking for the crew, which would be made up of four astronauts.

“We are searching for that Artemis II crew. At the moment there is nothing stopping us after what we learned with Artemis I,” Free said.

What is known about Artemis II?

The only thing that seems clear about Artemis II is the estimated date and the number of crew members it will have. One of them is said to be Canadian and the group would be in orbit for 10 days around the Moon.

NASA plans to launch this second mission in a year and a half and Artemis III a year after Artemis II, approximately in 2025 and with the hope of taking astronauts to the lunar south pole.

Free recalled: “Our plan has always been 12 months, but there are important developments that need to be made. Dates may be subject to change as events unfold.”

The administrator stressed that “we need a lander” and “our space suits.” About the first, they will use a version of SpaceX’s Starship, which has yet to make its first orbital flight. Regarding the suits, it will be the Axiom Space company that completes its development.