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Navas (6)

He had little work and ensured a parade in front of Caleta-Car (60th). Beaten at close range by Payet (89th). Peaceful for 90 minutes.


Marquinhos (7)

Absolutely intractable from start to finish, first in front of a predictable Radonjic then in the face of the Marseille waves. He even made a nice opening for an offside Mbappé (29th).


Diallo (5)

Serene against Thauvin at the start of the match, then solid in the second half as a left side, but passive on the goal of Payet (89th).


Florenzi (5)

Dangerous a few times by his centers and not much else to report for his return to the starting lineup.


Kurzawa (4)

A particularly poor performance from the left side, with many technical inaccuracies and a fault on Payet which could have been expensive (41st). Replaced at the hour of play.


Paredes (6)

After a catastrophic start to the match in his role as a hub, he recovered, with a good opening for an offside Mbappé (22nd), then a welcome calm in his passes. A good return to its surface (67th).


Herrera (6)

Very valuable, both in defensive work and to make the game more fluid.


Di Maria (7)

He gained momentum, crossing the goal of Icardi (39th) and giving good balls to his teammates.


Verratti (5.5)

In position 10, few balls reached him early in the match, but he got comfortable and had influence in the game. The choice of Pochettino remains to be studied.


Mbappé (4)

A very disturbing performance. He was rough on the left as when he dezoned. He felt like he was having a bad day and took less initiative in second. Scored an offside goal (29th).



A typical match on his part. A head to the side (18th) then a header which allowed him to open the scoring in two stages (39th). He then went to get the penalty of 2-0 (89th).



Entered in the 65th minute for his return to competition, he hurt by his balloon punctures in the foot. By far the best player in PSG.


Joy of PSG at the Champions Trophy

PSG won their tenth Champions Trophy.

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