The Roomba for 400 euros less, an Under Armor backpack at 33%, Vans shoes at 54%, Xiaomi headphones and other bargains


The Roomba for 400 euros less, an Under Armor backpack at 33%, Vans shoes at 54%, Xiaomi headphones and other bargains

There is less and less month of August and when we want to realize it we will be on the slope of September and, if the coronavirus allows it, with the return to school. So that all this does not catch you unexpectedly and with your purse shivering, Amazon keep up with their great deals so you can stock up on whatever you need before the summer ends.

With one click and in a day at home you can have from a 400 euros cheaper Roomba to an Under Armor backpack with which to return to the gym with 33%. Unexpected offers in products as necessary as a printer during teleworking, a razor to withstand the heat, or a Samsung tablet or a Garmin at 34%. Don’t let it get away!

To have all the papers at hand, print your children’s school work or simply scan the identity document. The printer it is a basic tool for workers and students and the more complete they are, the better.

Is Epson Inkjet will allow you to print photos and documents from your computer and mobile phone through your WiFi connection. It has a touch screen and interactive navigation with which you can directly print images from a memory card. In addition, you can copy or scan up to 30 documents automatically already double sided. And you will never be short of paper thanks to the two trays that you can load with A4 sheets or photographic paper.

You can get it here for 114.99 euros and save 67 euros thanks to the 37% discount.

For those tireless children who want to have everything and want to play everything. Is multigame table allow him to play hockey, table tennis, billiards and table football As you wish, simply disassemble and assemble its accessories (16 balls and 2 sticks (billiards), 2 pucks and 2 manual goalkeepers (hockey), 1 net, 2 paddles (paddles) and 1 ball (ping-pong), and 2 balls (football)).

With this you can enjoy and spend great moments with family and friends. You just have to set the table for him to play and then fold it vertically so that it does not take up space while it is not being used.

Buy it here for 124.91 euros at a 17% discount.

Coffee is the elixir of life, the one that allows us not to look like zombies fresh out of a movie or grumpy antisocial people who make the Grinch friendly and sympathetic. Is bosch coffee maker lets you make 40 different hot drinks with the push of a button.

Accepts capsules of almost all brands and will be able to do espressos, cappuccinos, macchiatos or ts. All this through its Intellibrew technology, which calculates the amount of water, temperature and time for a precise and perfect result. And all automatically.

Get it here for 34 euros saving 45 euros thanks to the 57% discount.

Xiaomi It already offers you mobiles, televisions, lamps, security cameras and headphones. And all this at unbeatable prices and with great quality. These My Air 2 with which you can listen to music and take calls thanks to the integrated microphones.

Count on 5 hours of autonomy and 20 thanks to the box. You can control everything from the touch of the headphones themselves. Even if you remove one of the headphones, you can pick up calls, stop the music, or activate the voice assistant without picking up the phone. All with a HI-FI sound that surrounds you.

Buy it here for 39.99 euros thanks to the 33% discount.

Robot vacuum cleaners have come to make life easier for us. With them the fluff will no longer be an ordeal that leads us to remove the heavy vacuum cleaner, in fact, there will be no fluff. This IRobot Roomba collects all the hair and dust you can find on the floor.

It has 3 cleaning phases thanks to the suction power, the central brushes and the side brushes to remove dirt from the corners of the house. You can control it from the mobile through the Wifi so that, while working, he would clean the house.

Get it for 599 euros and save 400 euros thanks to the 40% discount.

Every adventure needs security, and the main one, when we go camping or hiking at night, is to light up to enjoy everything that nature has in store. So equip yourself with this tactical flashlight. Its 500 lumen halo of light illuminates up to 350 meters in the distance. It has 3 AAA batteries and you can regulate it with 4 modes: high, medium, strobe and ultraviolet brightness.

The ultraviolet light makes it unique. With it you will detect all kinds of phosphorescent materials such as animal urine, money or scorpions, and with great clarity thanks to the field of view adjustment with which it counts. So it can also be used in forensic medicine or customs. Due to its small and light size, it hardly weighs 132 grams, You can transport it in your bag or backpack anywhere.

Get it for 11.59 euros, take advantage of the 42% discount.

There is nothing like a good wine at the ideal temperature, fresh, but neither too cold nor hot. Something that in summer is difficult to square. In addition, the bottles that we buy and give us end up stored in a corner trying not to bother the view much. So better have it tidy and fresh in this Orbegozo wine cellar.

Has the capacity to 12 bottles on five shelves and keep them at an adjustable temperature between 11 and 18. You can control all this through its touch control panel and digital display that allows you to activate the optimal temperature or even functions such as auto-defrost.

Buy it here for 98 euros thanks to the 27% discount.

One of the sports brands par excellence, Under Armor is a specialist in providing equipment and accessories for your exercise moments always with a timeless design. Is backpack is waterproof so you can wear it while you run a victim of inclement weather.

It’s made of polyester with two adjustable shoulder straps. Also, his large pocket has gussets to keep shoes and clothes well, and two forwards for valuables, as it keeps them safe from water. Also, you can use it as a laptop sleeve if you wish.

You can buy it here for 36.99 euros thanks to the 33% discount.

Sometimes it is not necessary to go to mobiles of 500 euros to get benefits that allow us to do everything we want: to be able to surf the Internet, play a bit, watch a series or consult our social networks. All of this can be done with this Blackview A80 Pro which now costs less than 120 euros. Her company is Asian, not yet well known in Spain, but it has been sweeping Amazon internationally for a while.

It has a processor Helio P25, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of ROM and Android 9 Pie. Its 4680 mAh battery has a fast charge. And its rear camera has four lenses, a main 16 MP and the other 8 and 0.3, with which you can take good quality photos of your trips.

You can buy it here for 119.99 and save 40 euros thanks to the 25% discount.

There are networks Wifi that do not reach all parts of the houses. It is then when, when we are in the study or in our bedroom, the videoconferences are constantly interrupted or the games frozen in the middle of a play. That’s why we need this network repeater TP-Link N300.

Their two internal antennas allow to amplify the signal up to 300Mbps to all corners of the home. Is very easy to configure, The push of a button expands wireless coverage. And also, it has a port ethernet that allows all those devices that do not have Wi-Fi option to connect to the Internet. You can choose the best location to place it thanks to its five signal indicators. And, if the place does not convince you, you can change it without having to reconfigure it.

Buy here for 16.99 euros and take advantage of its 26% discount.

Van’s that brand that was born in the 66 as the daughter of its time. She vindicates art, street culture and sports … And all this is reflected in her shoes: casual, casual and sporty.

This model has a rubber sole for good cushioning, an insole to avoid contact with the midsole and provide greater comfort, and a flexible, breathable and resistant upper part so that the foot is always as comfortable as possible. It is # 1 best-selling shoe on Amazon and you can choose from a multitude of colors and sizes.

Here you can buy it for 30 euros thanks to the 54% discount with which you save 35 euros.

To telecommute, to navigate, to watch a series, to entertain yourself … tablets they are becoming one more accessory of our life. More versatile than a computer and much more comfortable to transport, little by little they are finding a place in every home.

Is Tab A has a 10.1 “touch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels UltraHD; a processor Exynos, Octa-Core; a 3GB RAM and 64GB of storage with microsd slot expandable up to 512GB. In addition, with it you can also take photos thanks to its 8MP rear camera with autofocus and 5MP front camera, all of which will allow you to do everything you want with hardly any battery consumption thanks to its capacity (7,300 mAh).

Get it here for 249 euros thanks to the 24% discount with which you save 76.99 euros.

Ironing is another of the tedious and desperate household chores. Mainly because when you are in a hurry to remove the board, the iron, wait for it to heat up and then leave the shirt without a mini crease is sometimes an impossible task.

Is portable steam iron will allow you to do all that process more easily thanks to the fact that you will only have to hang the clothes from a hanger and wait 60 seconds so that the water heats up and can steam the clothes to make them smooth. It has a capacity of 180 ml allowing about 10-12 minutes of steam with which you not only eliminate wrinkles, but also germs and bacteria, something that now with the coronavirus around it relieves us. You can take it with you wherever you want.

Buy it here for 22.09 euros at a 39% discount.

Long, trimmed, only mustache, with goatee, like three days, one week … for beards, tastes and colors. And so that you can do with yours what you want what better than this Braun series 3. It allows you to shave, trim or outline the hair on your face with little effort.

It has a flexible head for 3 positions and another trimmer, and 5 combs for beards of 3 days and beards from 1 to 7 mm. It is also Wet & Dry so you can use it with water, foam or gel.

Buy it here for 72.99 euros at a 34% discount.

Garmin is one of the top rated sports and smart watch brands. This model Forerunner 735XT It has built-in GPS for all the outdoor activities you do. In addition to offering dynamics on other activities such as swimming, skiing or hiking.

Provide data about VO2 max, lactate threshold, heart rate monitor thanks to Garmin Elevate technology, calories burned, race forecast and recovery control. All this during 24 hours a day. In addition, it does not abandon its military appearance, robust and prepared for any situation, although you can always customize the screen and even change the straps.

Get it here for 198.95 euros and save 101.04 euros thanks to the 34% discount.

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