The rubber ducks were essential in the development of Demon’s Souls, incredible as it may seem

What is the best way to remake a demanding and merciless game? With rubber ducks. Demon’s Souls Remake has been with us since November 12, and has made it very clear that Bluepoint Games has already mastered the art of making remakes. But, to get to where he has come, he has had to work hard on mechanics and adaptation everything to new hardware. His test subjects during development have been rubber ducks, as revealed by one of the members of the study.

Ducklings have been the key to creating Demon’s Souls Remake

Collin Harris, currently in the position of Technical Artist at Gearbox, wanted to share a curious detail about his time at Bluepoint Games. Through Twitter, he has published a video in which he shows the test environment used to test both technology and special effects. Apparently these rubber ducks were the best test subjects. Although, as you can see, in the end things got a bit out of hand.

A rather curious wink, which also comes when there are rumors of the possible purchase of Bluepoint by Sony. The company would be more than interested in acquiring them after showing his good work with both SotC and this game. All, in addition, while there are also voices stating that the studio is working on a remake of Metal Gear Solid. Will you still use these adorable ducklings for your tests?

▪ Release date: 11/19/2021

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