“The Satisfyer has been a revolution and is destroying many couples”

Begoña came stomping to First dates already that as soon as he entered the restaurant he complimented Sobera: “There is Carlos, how handsome you are …”. The presenter was surprised and exclaimed: “Me? Well, since we started like this we are going to end up fatally.”

The Tarragona woman stated in her presentation that “I have a very good character, I never get angry because I don’t like being like this. If there is a problem, it is spoken in the moment: Why be angry?“.

In love I give myself a lot and until now it has always been very bad for me, I don’t know why. I’ve been single for ten years, It is time for a boy to appear … I want to have a partner because I need that to finish being happy, “he said.” I’m at a very good point in my life where I lack love, “he added.

His quote was Luis: “I want to have a partner because you always have to look to the future, have children, start a family … And I am looking for a girl who is sincere, cheerful and who makes me spend the moments in the most pleasant way possible “, said the Barcelona man.

I was shocked because I thought they were going to put a Colombian boy on me, I am passionate about that country and its series. I’ve been a little disappointed, “Begoña acknowledged when she met her partner on the program.

They both went to the table for dinner and, almost at the end, the waitresses brought them their cards with scratches where the most compromising questions appear for diners.

Begoña and Luis, in 'First dates'.
Begoña and Luis, in ‘First dates’.

“How often do you like to have sex with your partner?” Luis read, to which Begoña replied that “every day”, affirmation with which the Barcelona man agreed, who discovered the following question.

“Size Matters?”he commented, and The Tarragona woman was emphatic: “I say yes.” Luis added that “If it is a fair thing you have to look for something plastic or the Satisfyer that…”. Begoña replied that “It has been the fucking revolution and it is destroying many couples”.

Then he remembered that “I once saw a sticker that said the new family model is the Satisfyer, the dog and the girl. It’s amazing. “They both laughed at the occurrence and moved on to the final decision.

Begoña did want to have a second date with Luis because “it has made me very short. You seem to me to be a very humble, fun boy with many things to discover.” The Barcelona, ​​for his part, did not want to meet again “As a couple, as friends we would have a great time.”

Luis and Begoña, in 'First dates'.
Luis and Begoña, in ‘First dates’.

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