The scientist Salvador Macip anticipates a total confinement in Spain in weeks “if there are no severe measures”

Salvador Macip is a Spanish scientist and researcher at the University of Leicester, in the United Kingdom, who has made a prediction for the advance of the coronavirus in Spain based on his experience in Great Britain. And it is not reassuring.

On his Twitter account, Macip wrote: “How have we rounded the curve in the UK? Locking ourselves at home (confinement works, there is no alternative). Is it so hard to see that Spain is following the same pattern? It has been in the exponential phase for a long time ”,

This Catalan scientist declared: “If severe measures are not applied now, total confinement will be inevitable. “

In an article published in The newspaperMacip said: “Scientists are getting weary of anticipating problems and that ignore us or laugh of us. We must work together and not let political interest and personalities distract us. “

According to this doctor, the third wave “has been fueled above all by the reluctance of politicians to impose restrictions during the holidays, despite the insistence of scientists, and the inability of certain people to act sensibly enough. “

Macip proposes “listening to all the voices that propose reasonable theories“to” find the most plausible way out to move forward. “

“This way we have less chance of being wrong than drowning out voices that do not fit with the expectations that we have made ourselves. Scientists are clear on this, but if we do not get everyone to understand it, a few complicated months await us: to get out of the pandemic we have to work together and do not let political interest and personalities distract us “, sentence.

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