The second season of ‘Ted Lasso’ begins to occur

After a successful first season, the sports comedy, Ted Lasso from Apple TV +has finally started filming for its second season this week.

Season 2 Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso season 2 filming begins

After Ted Lasso season 2 shootings were postponed due to the pandemic, the company has found the time to resume. the series based on the life of the NBC Sports coach, played by Jason Sudeikis.

The second season of Ted Lasso could premiere this summer

The most anticipated news for the followers of the series, has been shared through the Twitter account of Apple TV + this week. To commemorate the special occasion, it was shared the first photo of the new season, which shows Ted, coach Beard (Hunt) and newly appointed coach Nate (Mohammed) sitting together in the AFC Richmond locker room.

The image also indicates that Nate is assuming his new duties as the team’s coach, a well-deserved promotion he received at the end of the first season. Beyond this inference, It is still unknown if the second season will add new faces to the cast.

_ »Time to start heating up those cookies» «Production of @TedLasso season 2 has officially started!»

Considering the usual time it takes from the beginning of a television production to the broadcast, The first episodes of the show may hit Apple TV + this summer, as long as the health emergency does not force to delay the recording schedule of the same.

But if the best is expected, fans of the Jason Sudeikis and Bill Lawrence series will be able to enjoy the new chapters soon. Also, with the certainty that the series has already been confirmed for a third and final season.

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