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How did Andrea Duro and Angy get to ‘Physics or Chemistry’? Did the end of the series change your life?

Physics or Chemistry: the reunion has been one of the phenomena of television this season, so much so that on the day of the premiere of the first of its two chapters, the platform collapsed due to its extremely high demand. A series that marked a before and after in fictions about adolescents, with faces in its cast that today have been established as great stars of our country. This is the case of Úrsula Corberó or Maxi Iglesias, whose popularity took off, precisely, thanks to the adventures in the Zurbarán Institute. This second part has taken two of its protagonists, Andrea Duro and Angy Fernández, the latter by video call after having tested positive for Covid-19, to the set of El Hormiguero. There they have made their particular balance between yesterday and today of the series, in addition to confessing how their lives changed and how they felt when Physics or Chemistry came to an end. – The reunion of the protagonists of ‘Física o Química’ for Angy Fernández’s 30th birthday SEE GALLERY Andrea Duro and Angy Fernández came to Physics or Chemistry practically by chance and, since then, they have never been the same again. As for how they managed to get a role, the actress who played Yoli attributes it to fate: “I was studying, they called me to do the castings and so many people showed up that I did it to do it. I never thought that would mean a before and a later in my life and that would teach me the trade I wanted to dedicate myself to, “explained Andrea Duro, who suddenly went from anonymity to being a teenage star. For her part, Angy had already tried her luck on television, although in a different area than acting and for which she has a divided heart: music. You just have to look back a little over a decade to remember his time at Factor X, the musical talent that triumphed in Cuatro. The actress explained that she had just left the contest when she was offered to go to the casting for the mere reason that Physics or Chemistry was looking for real teenagers to give life to their protagonists and not much older actors as is usual in these series. She tried her luck and became Paula, a Zurbarán student. – Will there be more ‘Physics or Chemistry’ after the reunion? Blanca Romero gives a clue SEE GALLERY The end of ‘Physics or Chemistry’: a before and after for Andrea Duro and Angy As a result of this reunion, practically the entire cast of Physics or Chemistry has emphasized the enormous number of positive experiences who lived thanks to the series, as well as the good relationship that exists between them, although there have been certain ups and downs as Maxi Iglesias confessed. However, when the final season came to a close, some of its actors felt out of place in their own lives. This is precisely what happened to Andrea Duro, who was part of Physics or Chemistry for 77 episodes, that is, from the first to the last. The actress acknowledged that in the midst of uncertainty, she did not stop wondering if they would have her for a new opportunity as an actress. Said and done! As she herself has related, the day after the final broadcast of Physics or Chemistry her phone rang to offer her a role in the movie Phantom Promotion. – Winks to ‘Compañeros’ and ‘Elite’ in the reunion of ‘Physics or Chemistry’ SEE GALLERY Angy Fernández, for her part, remembers the end of Physics or Chemistry as a “total void”. In fact, the young woman has revealed that they were moments of bewilderment in which she debated between continuing her career in acting or leaning towards the world of song. However, in the midst of his existential crisis, the success of Your face came to him, an experience that he remembers with great affection. Despite this, Angy has also confessed that not everything was good at the end of the series: “There have been times when they do not call you and they are complicated because we are many people,” explained the actress. Of course, in their particular balance between the present and the past, both are clear that all the actors in Physics or Chemistry have improved as time goes by, “like wines,” Angy said with a laugh. In fact, the two have done a little review of the styles of the time and have no doubt that they prefer their current appearance. A reunion that has helped them to return to one of the most important times of their lives with a more mature perspective. – Angy Fernández reveals that she is better from the depression she has struggled with for years – Andrea Duro reveals the scene from ‘Physics or chemistry: the reunion’ in which the actors cried – The ‘Physics or Chemistry’ phenomenon or why their protagonists continue to set trends 12 years later

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