the series on Netflix – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Between lines

Netflix has just confirmed the premiere date of the second season of Luis Miguel: the series, and it will be next April 18 that it arrives in its catalog.

In less than a minute, the platform anticipates that “The brighter the sun, the darker the shadows”, making a reference to the fact that the new installment will focus on the heyday of Luis Miguel’s career, which was also involved in scandals .

Luis Miguel, the series surprised more than one in the first season, where the childhood and adolescence of the mythical singer were told, in addition to his complicated family and love relationships. Since then, and with a shocking final chapter, fans of “Sol de México” eagerly await the details of the second season.

The synopsis of the second installment goes like this:

“Told in two timelines and with a plot that will explore the difficulties Luis Miguel faced in balancing his family and professional life.”

This second season will consist of 8 episodes that will be available every Sunday at 7pm.

For this new season, Boneta returns as the adult version of “El Sol” and shares performances with Camila Sodi, Juan Pablo Zurita, César Bordón, Martín Bello, among others. Óscar Jaenada, who gave life to “Luisito Rey”, the singer’s father, will not return for these episodes.

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