The serious insults of the Barça goalkeeper coach to the Granada bench that cost him his expulsion

Ronald Koeman The match between Barça and Granada did not end with all the members of the expedition in the field. It was not due to an injury or an expulsion, at least of his players, but it was because of a red to the goalkeeping coach.

Granada vs.  FC Barcelona

Ricardo de Burgos Bengoetxea, referee of the match, ordered to go to the changing rooms Jose Ramon de la Fuente, the coach, when only 13 minutes of the game had been played. The reason was the insults that he gave to a person from the Nasrid bench: “In the 16th minute the coach De La Fuente Morato, Jose Ramón was expelled for the following reason: Addressing the members of the opposing coaching staff in the following terms, to shouting voice: “you’re a moron, clown”.

Granada has not entered the rag and has not explained who the Barcelona worker was referring to, who now faces a sanction that can lead to more than one suspension match. The Competition Committee You must determine what scale you give to those words, since if you consider disparagement It is not the same as if you point it out as grave insult. What is clear is that he will not be on the Barcelona bench, at least, in the next league game against Elche.

This was not the only red that De Burgos took in the game. In minute 78, Jesus Vallejo, from Granada, was sent off for “knocking down an opponent and thereby preventing an obvious scoring chance”. At that time his team was already losing 0-4.

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