The snow has arrived in New York today after 43 years in a month of May

Curiously, the last time it snowed in May was on the 9th, as has happened now, with the addition that today’s minimum temperature has been the lowest on May 9th in the last 73 years.

According to the United States National Weather Service, the snow has returned almost half a century later to New York in a month of may. Everything has been due to a vortex that originated near the North Pole and that descended down the Canadian coast until reaching the Bay of the City of Skyscrapers.

The snowfall began at dawn and its accumulation in centimeters was the same as that occurred last February, within an atypical year in terms of snowfall, which is usually copious in New York territory.

“Snow in May is rare, but it’s not the first time what happens in New York, “Wunsch told the US media from the National Weather Service. He clarified that “in Central parkIt is the fifth time in history that we see snow at this time of year, the last one was in 1977 on this day ”.

The park also experienced record cold temperatures this morning, with the mercury marking one degree, a figure that is the coldest since 1947.

This Sunday Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States, and it is already announced that the custom of going out for a walk may be carried out in general good weather, since maximum of 16 degrees and minimum of 5. Undoubtedly, a curious news that never ceases to surprise in times “Of climate change”.

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