“The snow has come to me”

Thanks to the great snowfall that has fallen in recent days on almost any point in the Spanish geography, Gisela has been able to make one of her dreams come true: become – almost literally – intoElsa, the protagonist of Frozen.

The singer has been one of the celebrities who have wanted to enjoy the snow but, in her case, in an even more special way.

In this way, the Catalan has undergone a Photoshoot that, as she herself recognizes in her networks, “I’ve wanted to do for a long time”.

The cold never bothered me … Go to the next photos to see what is hidden under the cape … I have wanted to do this photoshoot for a long time … and now the snow has come to me … I hope you stay frozen…. but love … and you like them a lot! “, has written the former contestant of OT 1.

With this detail, a beautiful session of eight photos characterized by one of the characters that has given him the most joys in his careerAs she gives her a voice in the Spanish version of the film, she has delighted her fans, who congratulate Gisela on her work.

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