“The Spanish are very blah, blah, blah, but then they leave you halfway”

Paula went this Monday to First dates in search of love and to change her misperception of Spanish men, but Antonio was not able to conquer her and make her change her mind.

Matías Roure was in charge of receiving the Cordovan on arrival at Cuatro: “From this appointment I hope to have a good time and that we both end up wanting to extend the night a little more and get to know each other better,” he said in his presentation.

Antonio and Matías Roure, in 'First dates'.
Antonio and Matías Roure, in ‘First dates’.

Antonio commented that he was looking for “a dynamic girl, funny, but not that it makes me laugh, but that we understand each other in humor. As well make it very sexual because I am too “.

Your date was Paula, a Cuban based in Madrid, who indicated that she had attended the program “looking for a person who is related to me, who likes to dance and is willing to have a serious relationship”.

The age difference (30 hers and 53 hers) was one of the barriers they tried to overcome during dinnerBut as the evening progressed, more obstacles emerged between them.

“I think he’s very emotionally detached, it seems like I’m dealing with a 19-year-old boy instead of a 50-something guy.”Paula said after the first minutes of conversation.

Paula and Antonio, in 'First dates'.
Paula and Antonio, in ‘First dates’.

Antonio acknowledged that he had been “up to a year and a half without doing anything (of sexual relations)”, but the Cuban replied that “he could not, I’d rather reboot with a bad acquaintance than stay a year without having sex, no way, it’s crazy. I’d rather repeat with a bad fuck“.

In Spain, men are very blah, blah, blah … and the coverage area goes away. They are guys who when I give them the opportunity they say that they are going to do everything and when the time comes, they stay half“Paula stated.

And he added that “With the Spanish that I have been, they lust a lot because I am Cuban, I dance, I am exuberant … but then they do not follow the rhythm, they die on the way and I am very lazy “.

At the end, Antonio did want to have a second date with Paula: “I have seen things and details that I would like to continue expanding.” The Cuban, for her part, did not want to meet the Cordovan again because “I’m looking for a stable relationship and he isn’t.”

Antonio and Paula, in 'First dates'.
Antonio and Paula, in ‘First dates’.

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