The spectacular arrest of a woman who refused to wear the mask in a store

In the United States, collisions with people who refuse to wear a mask indoors are frequent. One of the last has starred a 61-year-old woman, which left scenes that have gone viral.

The events occurred, according to TMZThursday in Palm Beach, Florida, at a specialty bagel and coffee shop. Those responsible for the business urged the woman, by name Cindy Falco-DiCorrado and that he was not wearing a mask, to leave the premises.

The woman defiantly affirmed that it was your constitutional right not to wear a mask, so the police were notified.

When the police tried to arrest her, the woman accused the police officer of violate their “personality”. A second cop finally arrives to help her out of the store.

The woman was taken outside, where she accused the officers of wanting to steal her purse. Then loudly he begins to pray.

According TMZ, the woman, a Trump follower, has a record to do racist comments in public.

Following news of his arrest, a video of the defiant attitude of women inside the trade.

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