The spontaneous Granada-Manchester United, an old acquaintance who fights for world peace as he came to the world – Explica .co

Olmo Garcia, which jumped spontaneously during the match between the grenade and the Manchester United, is not new to such matters. In fact, this Granada-born businessman is known in the Andalusian city for his naked walks through Sierra Nevada or the Alhambra and have scaled the Cathedral of Granada as it came to the world.

This is not the first time that Olmo García has made the news. Emblematic places of the city know him … without clothes. Known as ‘the naked man of Granada’, which has already surprised the skiers of Sierra Nevada on occasion, shows your shame to fight for world peace and human and environmental sustainability, as the protagonist has told on occasion.

His last feat was, on paper, the most complicated of all, since he jumped naked onto a football field in a game in which there was no public. A major surprise that puzzled everyone and allowed him to run from end to end of the pitch without anyone stopping him.

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