The Star of Bethlehem will be seen again at Christmas after 800 years

This Christmas it will be possible to appreciate the « Star of Bethlehem », an astronomical phenomenon that has not arisen for 800 years

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MEXICO.- The mythical « Star of Bethlehem » will be visible in the sky for the first time in 800 years, it will also illuminate the sky during the Christmas and it will be visible in Mexico.

After sunset on December 21 it will be seen in the sky the union between Jupiter and Saturn which as a whole will be seen as a « double planet » and will emit a powerful light that, according to what was mentioned by the mythical astronomer Johannes Kepler, could be the origin of the Christmas star or the Star of Bethlehem.

The Star of Bethlehem will be visible at night in Mexico and anywhere in the world until December 28, so you can also see it in Christmas and Good Night, although the best conditions to observe it will be at twilight and in areas near the Equator, reported Patrick Hartigan, astronomer and professor in the Department of Astronomy and Physics at Rice University.

He also mentioned that in order to see this great glow again in the sky, we will have to wait until March 15, 2018, when these planets are expected to come together again at the top of the sky; The next opportunity to observe the Star of Bethlehem will be in the year 2400, so we recommend not to miss it.

The also mathematician, Johannes Kepler, who lived between 1571 and 1630, came to the conclusion that the phenomenon mentioned in the Bible was one of the many conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn happened in the 7th century, giving rise to the myth of the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Magi to the birthplace of Jesus, which is currently celebrated as Christmas.

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