the story behind a freak accident ​​

Steve Jobs, the legendary co-founder of Manzanais one of the characters that has sparked the greatest fascination among followers, fans and scholars of the recent history of information technology.

Where the truth is that the trajectory of this illustrious individual with the Cupertino boys has several climatic points and worthy of analysis.

Not long ago we reviewed, for example, the five worst models of Mac computers launched by his company (the vast majority in the period when he was not in charge), or the story behind the letter “i” behind each Apple portable product. .

But an anecdote that not many stop at and that perhaps they don’t even know is that story where Steve Jobs was about to die burned to the bone driving his favorite car at that time.

It is about a strange, twisted passage in his life that involves music, friends, drugs and terrible financial decisions of youth triggered by an aesthetic whim.

When Steve Jobs almost burned to death in his Fiat

For years the details about the life of Steve Jobs in his youth were few and far between, even despite the existence of some biographical productions such as the film Pirates of the Silicon Valleybut that changed in 2011 with the publication of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs.

Is about an authorized biography in which the author, with the backing and support of the co-founder of Apple, shared with us the most important passages of personal and professional life, inside and outside the company he created.

This is how we find in the first sections of the book an interesting series of stories and anecdotes from Steve Jobs’ adolescence and early youth. A period that was distinguished by its rebellion and experimentation with drugs.

Friends of GEARICE they have just resurrected the story of one of those curious passages in Jobs’ biography where he recounts how the first car he owned, with the support of his father, was a repainted Nash Metropolitan with an MG engine.

But Jobs was not satisfied and managed to save money to better buy a red Fiat 850 coupe with an Abarth engine, a very popular model vehicle in the late 1960s.

According to the text of the site, when he got the car it was also the same period in which Jobs began to experiment with drugs, so the boy was not always in his five senses.

So once, on one of his afternoon outings, Jobs was driving down Skyline Boulevard near the Santa Cruz Mountains, when Tim Brown, his longest-living friend and accomplices ever since, yelled at him, “Stop! it’s on fire!”

Indeed the vehicle had caught on fire and smoke was coming out wholesale from the rear compartment and the bodywork. the car was ultimately burned out and Jobs would have burned to death if he had taken longer to get out of the vehicle.