the story of M. Frank Rudy

Few know that behind the Air technology of the shoes nike, the one that Michael Jordan popularized on every flight in the NBA, there was an engineer from the POT who worked with the flights… to the Moon. His name was M. Frank Rudy (1925-2009).

Born Marion Frank Rudy (he would always be identified as M. Frank Rudy, or just Frank Rudy), this NASA aeronautical engineer worked in the Apollo Program from the 1950s until the end of Apollo 11.

With just what he had accomplished at that time, he could already be considered a legend. But he still had a lot to give to humanity.

The creation of Nike Air technology, from NASA at our feet

After his retirement from NASA, Rudy worked with Nike, patenting an air-inflated sneaker sole. He followed the design to make Apollo space helmets.

Nike executives knew that, on average, runners’ feet hit the ground 500-600 times per mile. The impact on the joints is tremendous.

Therefore, a way of caring for the health of athletes had to be created.

Thus was born Nike Air technology, first debuting in the 1978 Nike Tailwind.

Using the molding process to create hollow soles, he filled the hollow cavities with highly dense gases, sealed with rubber membranes. The result, as explained the EPO portal, it was a gas filled shock absorber cushion.

And Rudy was not alone in this technology. Others would come later, such as shock-absorbing insoles, gel padding, and helium-based Air padding. An innovator for the sport.

A New Tribute To M. Frank Rudy: The Nike Air Vapormax 2021 Air Pressure

Nike has paid several tributes to M. Frank Rudy, and a new one is expected this year with the Nike Air Vapormax 2021 Air Pressure.

Nike Air Vapormax 2021 Air Pressure

These shoes were made with a mix of Old Royal, Yellow Ocher and Red colors on the flyknit upper, combined with a matte yellow TPU heel clip and blue Vapormax branded pull tabs.

They also highlight graphic templates of plans and pink tabs, among other elements.

As Hypebeast explains, Rounding out the iteration are pressure gauge hangtags and rubber outsole grips.

Nike Air Vapormax 2021 Air Pressure

The Nike Air Vapormax 2021 Air Pressure shoes, in homage to M. Frank Rudy, will be on sale in the coming weeks, with no specific date yet. The value: $210 for each pair.

They will be sold through the official Nike website and in selected retail stores.

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