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A reporter who interviewed Trump in the Oval Office asked him what the red button next to his phone was doing. You will not be able to believe the answer.

Tom Newton Dunn says, journalist covering the White House, which in 2019 went to interview Donald Trump along with a colleague. In the Oval Office, the presidential office, something caught his eye. It was a red button next to his phone.

When talking about a red button that the president of the United States uses, one can think of a direct connection to another president (does anyone remember the Red Telephone?) To the possibility of making an alert call.

An urgency, without a doubt, had to mean that red button.

Newton asked for him.

Trump smiled, looked at him, and pressed the button. The journalists waited to see what happened.

Someone opened the door.

It was an attendant carrying a cold diet soda on a silver platter.

That button is gone, along with Donald Trump.

When Joe Biden assumed the mandate, he was withdrawn, according to Tom Newton Dunn based on images. Without a doubt, it must have a healthier diet than its predecessor.

The feeding of Donald Trump

Trump was famous, among so many things, for his diet. He is a fan of fast food, and he loves to eat from McDonald’s.

This is what his daughter Tiffany told TMZ at the time. « That’s what he does, he loves McDonald’s, » he pointed.

In fact, when he won the Republican presidential nomination, Trump shared a photo of himself eating a hamburger and fries.

Biden, in the antipodes of his predecessor, prefers a good pasta. However, he is a fan of ice cream, as seen in several images.

« Yes, ice cream is important to him, yes, » said his current vice president, Kamala Harris, in a promotional video. « And you can also get carried away with pasta with tomato sauce. »

Between tastes and colors – flavors, in this case – there is nothing written. And in power, much less.

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