The strategic scope of the climate law questioned by the High Council (HCC)

France is behind schedule with regard to the greenhouse gas reduction targets it has set itself. And the next decade will be crucial in order to initiate the structural changes necessary to redress the trajectory. However, the bill “relating to the fight against climate change and the strengthening of resilience in the face of its effects” (known as the “climate and resilience bill”), presented to the Council of Ministers on February 10, and that the Parliament began to examine, struggling to be part of France’s national low carbon strategy (SNBC).

This is the conclusion reached by the High Council for the Climate (HCC) in the opinion it publishes on Tuesday February 23 on the bill. Drawn up too short a timeframe to allow a detailed analysis of each provision, this opinion nevertheless proposes to assess the contribution of the text as a whole to the low-carbon transition in France, upstream of the legislative process in order to allow Members to and senators to take them into account when considering them. Unlike many positions taken by other institutions or NGOs, “he does not judge the scope and the …

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