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Ghost of Tsushima has become one of the PlayStation 4 exclusives most applauded in 2020, after debuting in Spain and around the world on July 17, 2020. In fact, it is considered the second best game of that year by Metacritic users, only behind The Last of Us Part II. Sony itself has also been satisfied with the reception of the game, and everything indicates that Sucker Punch is already moving the first pieces to start work on the sequel.

Ghost of Tsushima: The sequel may already be cooking

Among the list of job offers from Sucker Punch seems to suggest that the study is beginning to work on Ghost of tsushima 2, assuming they end up calling the project that way. The position of Combat Designer mentions the following requirements for the interested party: “You must have played Ghost of Tsushima and understand its basic combat systems.”. It seems pretty clear that the developer team is looking take as a starting point the fighting and action mechanics of the original game for your next project.

We will not be surprised that this project was a sequel: as we said before, Ghost of Tsushima has been an “unexpected” success for Sonyboth in terms of sales and the reception of criticism. “It has been a critic’s delight and, without a doubt, a commercial delight”, pointed Jim Ryan, president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, praising the Sucker Punch game. In turn, the game registered 5 million copies sold last November.

Ghost of Tsushima 2 pod

Sucker Punch demands that his future Combat Designer have played Ghost of Tsushima

In regards to the game’s history, users accompany Jin sakai in his crusade against the forces of the Mongol Empire. We are in the year 1274, when this army looms over Tsushima Island to begin his conquest of Japan. Stepping out of the way of the samurai, Jin decides to exact revenge for his hand. “Sucker Punch signature his best work to date with an entertaining open world adventure that transports us to feudal Japan like few games have done before, “we wrote in our analysis.

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