The time has come for pilots to leave the cockpit

Faced with the economic devastation caused by Covid-19 on the commercial aeronautics sector, limited by the state of the art of current technologies, and exposed to the development of “plane-bashing” particularly in Europe, aircraft manufacturers are now on the defensive. In this context, a bold strategy would be to accelerate the inevitable substitution of pilots by algorithms, helping to revive the world economy with cheaper, more reliable and safer flights.

For commercial aeronautics, financial resources are a first challenge: the return to normalcy of air traffic postponed for several years, the enormous loss of income and the chain effects of the debt created by the Covid-19 will have an effect. undermines both R&D budgets and investments. Aircraft manufacturers, airlines, and ultimately the ecosystem as a whole, will for a long time have neither the funds for development, nor the demand in terms of passengers, nor even the technologies, to launch a new aeronautical program as envisaged. before the health crisis.

Unmanned aircraft: savings of 110 billion per year

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