The trailer for ‘The Boogeyman’ (Stephen King) breaks the internet

Horror movie fans will have, in the middle of the year, the opportunity to rediscover fear and adrenaline through The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman. This is the next film that will adapt an important story by Stephen King. 2023 is a year in which several projects of this style will be seen, based on the work of the historic writer.

One of the ones that has generated the most expectations is The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman. Its most recent trailer anticipates a story of intrigue, tension, suspense and fear that may affect even the most experienced followers of horror movies. This adaptation already entails some peculiarities.

Initially, and among some delays, The Boogeyman: The Bag Man was intended to be broadcast through the Hulu platform. However, there was a small change: first it will be released in theaters and then it will be available on that streaming video service. Meanwhile, what is the background and the importance of this adaptation?

The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman trailer

One of the first key aspects related to The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman is the author of the short story that inspires the adaptation: Stephen King. He is one of the most relevant contemporary writers, one of the narrative voices capable of influencing those who are interested in the horror genre and those who are not. In short: a historical reference.

The Boogeyman: The Bag Man is not the first adaptation of one of his texts. Some of them could even be questioned because the script or the staging was not entirely satisfactory, while others are celebrated. Beyond these backgrounds, this film is part of an extensive saga in which the author’s literary work dialogues with the seventh art.

In this sense, the name of Stephen King is usually one of the natural attractions when marketing a production. Connoisseurs and strangers to his work have some reference to it and, in many cases, that clue leads to the purchase of a ticket for the production. So what is this story about? 20th Century Studios briefly describes it:

“It is an adaptation of the famous Stephen King tale, in which two sisters find themselves threatened by a supernatural being, while their father tries to keep the family afloat after the tragic death of his wife and mother.”

the literary work

The origin of this story, as we explained in CVBJ, has a background very different from what will be seen in the cinema. Initially, the draft prepared by Stephen King had as its protagonist a man who was chased by a faceless monster. This idea did not fully convince him. Until he found a new meaning, which is quite close to what will be seen in the film adaptation.

The Boogeyman: The Bag Man, also translated as “The Coconut”, is a short story that is part of the book the threshold of night, published in February 1978. The work brought together more than a dozen short stories, as a compilation. The film version of this story is directed by Rob Savage. Part of the fabric of the story will refer to the origin of the monster. Savage is joined by Mark Heyman, Scott Beck, Bryan Wood and Akela Cooper as writers.

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The Boogeyman: The Boogeyman will be released in theaters on June 2. Taking into account the importance within the oral story of the myth of “El coco”, it is not ruled out that the production has a significant impact in movie theaters, along with the prestige that accompanies the writer who wrote the story.

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