The True Size, the web that allows to know the real size of a country with respect to any other

The True Size was developed to solve a problem that has existed for many years: correctly representing the dimensions of the land mass of countries and continents on maps.

As a report published on the website of infobaeDue to the shape of the Earth, it is not possible to create a rectangular plan with adequate information about the size of nations. Most of the world maps treat the surface of the planet as if it were a cylinder and that shape does not allow the proportions shown to be correct

To create a way to visualize the real size and shape of the countries, engineers developed a portal in which a territory can be selected and moved over a map that generates shape and size modifications to represent the most appropriate dimensions to compare territorial extensions. between different parts of the world.

Some details such as deformations in the territories are due to the fact that, although the map appears flat as it does in other representations of the Earth, the countries will have the same dynamics as if they were displaced on the surface of the planet.

Example between Brazil and USA

For example, Brazil has a territory extension that competes with that of the United States and, although its size on the maps is not reflected, its extension is greater than that of the entire European continent except for Russia.

To use The True Size, you just have to access the link freely and free of charge. Users should enter “” and enter the name (in English) of the country they wish to compare to. The territory will be selected with a colored outline that can be dragged around the map with the cursor. Also, if you need to remove the selection from the map, right click on it.