The unexpected nod of ‘(Dis) charm’ to a classic Nintendo video game

Part of the charm of (Disenchantment (Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein, since 2018), the third animated series by the famous Oregonian after The Simpson (since 1989) and Futurama (1999-2013), is due to your cultural references. There are, among the thirty episodes that have been released on Netflix to date, about the aforementioned fictions and Game of Thrones (David Benioff and DB Weiss, 2011-2019) o The Crown (Peter Morgan, since 2016). And even about former President Donald Trump, who had already appeared as a celebrity in multiple films and television series. But also about a classic video game.

In “Bean Falls Down” (3×10), the army of ogres returns brutal those that the gnomes had defeated in “Our Bodies, Our Elves” (2×05), with Junior (Maurice LaMarche) at the head. Elf (Nat Faxon) had accidentally blinded his only remaining eye, and the huge being continues with the two daggers in both. For that reason They try to storm Dreamland, with the demand that the protagonist elf be delivered to him. Because he had “hurt his feelings” by stabbing him. And, to repel the ogres, barrels of beer are thrown at them from the top of the wall because this kingdom of drunks does not have anything else.

Donkey Kong in Dreamland

disenchantment matt groening josh weinstein netflix donkey kong

And, when Junior tries to climb the ladder structure formed by the ones that have fallen with a lot of ogres, a general frame brings us to memory Donkey kong, the famous video game Arcadian developed by Nintendo under the direction of Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. In it, Jumpman (later, the well-known Mario) has to ascend through a series of platforms, while avoiding obstacles, to rescue Pauline (later replaced by Princess Peach) from the paws of the mean gorilla that gives its name to the game. And those obstacles that it throws at him are, precisely, barrels.

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