“The United States is North Korea’s ‘greatest enemy’,” says Kim Jong-Un – .

The North Korean leader said the United States remains North Korea’s greatest enemy, whoever its president is.

“Our greatest enemy”

Kim Jong-Un indicated, this Saturday, January 9, that the United States remain the “greatest enemy” of North Korea, regardless of their president.
Our diplomatic activities should be focused and redirected to mastery of the United States, our greatest enemy and main obstacle to our innovative development.“, he said during the Congress of the Workers’ Party.

According to the North Korean leader, the fundamental United States policy towards North Korea did not change.

Towards the development of its arsenal

Kim Jong-Un called for the development of more efficient nuclear weapons (hypersonic weapons, spy satellites, intercontinental ballistic missiles, etc.). The North Korea seek to expand its nuclear arsenal, including preventive strike and retaliation capabilities.

For its part, Joe biden had called Kim Jong-un “thug“during his election campaign.

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