The unknown legal battle of David Bustamante that has lasted for five years

David Bustamante has been enduring behind his back a tough legal battle hitherto unknown.

As reported by the magazine Hello!, the Cantabrian singer has sued for alleged fraud and claims half a million euros from his former advisor and a trusted person since his beginnings in the world of music, Francisco Juan Manjon.

A judicial process in which it has been immersed for five years, after the singer decided to take legal action against Manjón.

According to the magazine, which shows photos of the artist’s departure from one of the views that has been held these days at the Provincial Court of Madrid against his former adviser, Bustamante is very affected, since it is a person to whom he had affection and appreciation.

Always according to information from the magazine del corazón, the singer’s former adviser Faces a request from the indictment of fourteen years in prison, plus I would have to assume debt that apparently, Bustamante would have contracted with the Treasurypresumably as a result of its mismanagement.

Also, the post clarifies, the ex-triumphant I would not have any debt with the Treasury at this time and he would be up to date with his tax obligations. The opposing party requests the free acquittal and the dismissal of the case.

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