The US executed the first woman in Kansas in nearly seven decades

A Kansas woman was executed Wednesday for strangling a future mother in Missouri and removing the baby from her womb, the first time in nearly seven decades that the US government has executed a female inmate.

MiamiMundo / Telemundo 51

Lisa Montgomery, 52, was pronounced dead at 1:31 a.m. after receiving a lethal injection at the federal prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana.

She was the 11th prisoner to receive a lethal injection there since July, when President Donald Trump, a fervent supporter of the death penalty, resumed federal executions after 17 years without one.

When a curtain was lifted in the execution chamber, Montgomery looked momentarily puzzled as she looked at the reporters watching her from behind thick glass. As the execution process began, a woman standing on Montgomery’s shoulder leaned over, carefully removed his mask, and asked if he had any last words. “No,” Montgomery replied in a low, muffled voice. She didn’t say anything else.

The United States Supreme Court paved the way for the Justice Department to carry out the first execution of a woman on death row in nearly seven decades.

The high court lifted the injunction from the United States Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit that had temporarily stayed Montgomery’s execution. The decision came hours after the Supreme Court also overturned another postponement of the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

Her lawyers alleged that she was not mentally competent and should not be executed, noting that she suffered years of physical and emotional abuse and that she suffers from a serious mental illness.

Montgomery was convicted of the murder of 23-year-old Bobbie Jo Stinnett in the northwestern Missouri town of Skidmore in December 2004. She used a rope to strangle Stinnett, who was in her eighth month of pregnancy, and He removed the baby with a kitchen knife, according to authorities.

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