The US is a real global danger: He died in the US, they embalmed and repatriated him to Argentina … but “they forgot to say that he died of Covid-19”

The Ministry of Health asked to investigate “to the last consequences” that the death from covid-19 has not been reported

The transfer to Argentina of the embalmed body of a businessman who died in the United States due to coronavirus led to the presentation of a court case because it is believed that the family avoided informing the authorities about the causes of death.

Sources from the Ministry of Health and the Foreign Ministry confirmed the request for a judicial investigation, while the family of businessman Elías Masri, 91, said in a statement that the repatriation of the body, on an Aerolineas Argentinas flight, was done “respecting current international protocols ”due to the pandemic.

Masri’s embalmed corpse arrived in Ezeiza on Saturday, on a flight organized by the Foreign Ministry to repatriate Argentines stranded in the United States. The body arrived in the hold of the plane, in a sealed drawer, and now it is requested that an investigation be made of how this transfer was authorized. Everything would indicate that the documentation presented to enable the shipment of the coffin did not include the causes of death.

The Ministry of Health of the Ministry led by Ginés González García made the judicial presentation and requested that the case be investigated “until the last consequences” to establish whether the criminal figure of the crime of spreading a “dangerous and contagious disease for people” is configured. The complaint was settled in the Federal Justice of Lomas de Zamora, with jurisdiction at the Ezeiza airport.

What is requested is that it be established who were responsible for the transfer being made without the authorities having knowledge of the reasons for the death of Masri, who was based in the United States, one of the countries with the highest rate of infected and deaths as a result of the pandemic caused by covid-19. What It is suspected that the businessman’s family hid the cause of death to make possible the last will of the deceased, to be buried in Argentina.

Masri was a lawyer, graduated from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral, owner of a real estate company founded in the 1950s. In 1988, during hyperinflation, when he saw the profits of his business in danger, Masri decided to raise everything and settle in the United States, where he headed the Falcon Properties Inc. business chain.

The businessman, who lived in New York, died of coronavirus on April 7 and since then, his relatives in Argentina carried out a series of procedures to repatriate his embalmed body.

On the main face of the death certificate issued in the northern country, it was only mentioned that the death had been due to “natural causes”, but on the back it was clarified that it was due to covid-19 contagion. It is believed that there was a maneuver to prevent the authorities in charge of the Aerolineas flight from verifying the true cause of death. Elías Masri died of a “respiratory collapse” caused by the virus.

The family tried, unsuccessfully, to transfer the body on a private flight, which is why they then sought a way to return it on the Airlines flight which arrived in Ezeiza last Saturday, where the maneuver carried out was verified, which led to the judicial presentation promoted by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

The rationale is that “due to strict international regulations, Aerolineas Argentinas under no circumstances can transport a body that can transmit infectious and contagious diseases and for that reason, this transfer should never have been carried out.” After the news was released, Elías Masri’s family maintained through a statement, through social networks, that for the repatriation of the remains “at all times the documentation and information requested by the officials of the agencies and companies involved “in the processing of the transfer. They assured that “at no time was information falsified” about the cause of death.

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