The US shoots down a flying object in Alaska and this is all that is known about the FANI

The United States and Canada have experienced moments of high tension and many questions in recent days, after the presence of a strange Flying Object was reported over the Alaskan sky. Something that in other decades would be identified as a UFO and is now called FANI.

This incident of an Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon was recorded just a few days after the US military itself took action against its alleged Chinese Government Spy Balloon, that would be part of a foreign military flotilla.

Such a situation suggests that both cases could be correlated, however the Pentagon and in general the entire Joe Biden administration team have been much more hermetic and rambling than before.

We prepare here a brief account of the facts with the official information that is known so far.

Everything we know about the UFO-FANI shot down by the US in Alaska

According to a report from BloombergOn February 10, 2023, the US Department of Defense confirmed the application of a tactical maneuver to shoot down a “high-altitude” flying object over Alaskan territorial waters.

The attack was carried out using an F-22 fighter jet, after military officials determined that the device was at an altitude of 12,000 kilometers (40,000 feet) and therefore posed a “threat to the safety of civilian flights.” traveling at less than half altitude.

In statements given by the spokesman for the White House National Security Council, John Kirby, we now know that a day before they had been aware of the presence of the object, whose dimensions would be similar to those of a small car and its origin a mystery. :

“We call this an object because that’s the best description we have at the moment. We don’t know who owns it, whether it’s state, corporate or private, we just don’t know.”

During the first reconnaissance flight, pilots from the Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska used F-35 jets and concluded that it was an unmanned object and apparently it was not even directly or remotely maneuverable.

After its demolition was authorized, an AIM-9X Sidewinder missile from an F-22 fighter was used to shoot down the FANI and immediately began work to recover the remains of the object that hit the ground near the border with Canada and northeast Alaska.

Pentagon spokesmen believe that there is no direct relationship with the Chinese spy balloon shot down a few days earlier.

Noting that the object did not appear to have any surveillance equipment which would make it less sophisticated than the Chinese balloon.