The US will have enough vaccines for 130 million by the end of March

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These are the four phases with which England plans to return to normal

London, Feb 22 (EFE) .- The reopening of schools on March 8 begins a gradual process of deconfinement in England that will conclude at the earliest on June 21, although each of its four phases will only be applied if the four criteria set by the Government. To decide whether to vary the restrictions introduced in January – with equivalent measures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the Executive will consider the evolution of the vaccination program; if hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 are reduced; if the level of contagion is sustainable for the public health system, and if the new variants of the coronavirus are under control. These are the four stages, with their corresponding dates and measures: FIRST PHASE – March 8 The schools reopen and extracurricular outdoor sports are allowed. Two people from different households can meet in outdoor public spaces. Nursing homes will allow only one visitor. – March 29 Six people from up to six different households, or two households of any size, will be able to meet outdoors, in public spaces or private gardens. Outdoor sports facilities, such as golf courses and basketball courts, are reopening, and organized outdoor team sport is allowed. You should still work from home if possible, but travel beyond the “local area” is allowed. PHASE TWO – As of April 12, non-essential shops, hairdressers, beauty salons, libraries and museums, as well as open-air venues, including restaurant and bar terraces, will reopen at the earliest. Gyms and indoor swimming pools (you can go alone or with the family) and zoos and theme parks also open their doors, with strict measures of personal distance. 30 people are allowed to attend funerals and 15 to weddings and wakes, and the campsites and vacation spots are reopened where facilities are not shared. THIRD PHASE – As of May 17, at the earliest Up to 30 people from different households will be able to congregate in outdoor spaces. Up to six people from different nuclei, or more, but from a maximum of two households may meet in homes or other closed spaces, such as bars and restaurants, cinemas or group activities. If all goes well, international travel and vacations abroad could begin to be authorized. 1,000 people, or half the capacity (whichever is less) will be allowed into closed sports venues, and in open ones the limit will be 4,000. In large stadiums, the maximum will be 10,000 people or half the capacity (the lower number). A maximum of 30 people may attend weddings and other ceremonies, such as baptisms, will be authorized. PHASE FOUR – Not before June 21 Restrictions on social contact are lifted and all sectors of the economy still closed, such as discos, reopen. Massive events will be allowed. (c) EFE Agency

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