The victims of the pandemic in 2020 could be 20,000 more than the Government has officially notified

He February 13, 2020 The first death was produced whose official cause was Covid, according to Health. The death, in the Valencian Community, was the first of tens of thousands of them that the disease would eventually cause during 2020, a figure on which there is no clear consensus in Spain.

It is now known that, according to the Daily Mortality Monitoring System (MoMo) -which draws on data from civil registries-, during all of 2020 there were 70,703 deaths of excess for all causes, distributed mostly (63%) between the months of March and May -when the pandemic had the greatest impact in Spain- and the rest between July and December -between the second and third waves-. This digit contrasts with the 51,051 that the Government attributes exclusively to Covid in that same period. But, according to the MoMo, more than 80% of unexpected deaths occurred in people over 74 years of age and the region that suffered the most was the Community of Madrid, where only during the first wave 193% more people died than which is normal.

According to the Daily Mortality Monitoring System (MoMo), during all of 2020 there were 70,703 excess deaths from all causes

If the MoMo data could be accurately attributed to the coronavirus, Spain would rank as the fourth country in the world with the highest excess of deaths in 2020 in relation to its population, only behind Peru, Ecuador and Belgium and very close to Mexico, as estimated by the Financial Times in a calculation made with information from the World Mortality Database

More than 25,000 new infections

However, the contradictions continue although the Ministry of Health continues to draw a very unflattering picture. Health added 25,438 cases and 408 deaths in a single day to its records on Tuesday. Since data was published, it only exceeded that figure last Friday and October 30. The communities that contributed the most – always according to the ministry, since their data vary from those published by regional executives – were Catalonia (5,773), Madrid (4,922), C. Valenciana (4,691) and Andalusia (2,518).

Number of coronavirus cases incorporated into Health records each day as of January 12.

Regarding the incidence the country’s average, it has shot up again by 4.3% and already reaches the 454.2 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a figure ever closer to the maximum reached during the second wave, which was 529.43 cases registered on November 9. In just 22 days that value has doubled and with the same virulence the situation in hospitals worsens. The big rise registered on Monday – a day of the week in which increases in income are usually reported since it is usually reported less high than normal – was consolidated this Tuesday. According to Health, there are now 853 entered more for Covid, which in total amount to 17,645, with an average occupancy of 14.2%. In the ICU, the situation is no less serious. In the last hours, patients with severe infection have increased by 140 to 2,651. Average occupancy is already close to 27%, with three regions exceeding 40%: La Rioja (40%), Catalonia and C. Valenciana.

A health service performs an antigen test to detect the coronavirus on a neighbor of the basic health area of ​​San Juan de la Cruz at the El Torreón municipal sports center, in Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (Spain), on November 3

With regard to the Community of Madrid, the general occupancy of its hospitals is 17% and exceeds 35% in the ICU. And it is that there the situation also worsens. This Tuesday, the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso notified 4,985 new positives, 3,663 of them correspond to confirmed during the 24 hours of Monday, and 24 deaths. In this way, a figure that has increased by 803% compared to the 552 infections reported the previous day, although it is true that most of them were confirmed on Sunday and fewer tests are carried out over the weekend, even less this after the historic snowfall.

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