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Montiel’s goal, annulled by an offside in the previous play. Source: .

The 3-0 he achieved Palmeiras on the Independiente court it was an immense advantage. But it is seen: this River de Gallardo is not an easy team to eliminate, not even under these circumstances. This Tuesday, in the rematch that is played in San Pablo, it was reflected again. And the pass to the final of the Copa Libertadores is disputed meter by meter.

From the beginning the expected was observed: Palmeiras regulating and River attacking in search of reducing similar disadvantage. Even so, the first great action was in favor of the São Paulo team, who had a hand in hand with Rony that Armani destroyed with a saving slap.

But at the moment when it seemed that River was slackening, the game changed: a corner well executed by Nacho Fernández was completed with a great header from Robert Rojas, who made it 1-0 in the 28th minute.

Palmeiras fell into confusion. River noticed it and accelerated. And before the end of that stage, a double blow: Gustavo Gómez, captain, was injured and Borré pushed a ball with his head to establish the 2-0. The visiting team was already just one goal away from forcing the definition on penalties.

The second half did not change the script. River dominated and looked for the third. After six minutes, Gonzalo Montiel scored a great goal: it was the goal that River needed to force penalties. A handsome Enzo Pérez, which led to a touch of Borré; Nacho Fernández’s pass, straight to Angileri’s appearance on the left …, and from there, the goal of number 4, which was celebrated with soul and life. Until the VAR call came up …

There did not seem to be anything out of regulation, until after several revisions (they took five minutes), a subtlety was checked: the position of the Colombian, advanced, in the elaboration of the play, one of the most interesting of River, at the moment in which Enzo Pérez released the forward pass. The referee Esteban Ostojich indicated the forward position that they marked him from the VAR booth and everything went back.

The game continued, and after a few minutes, River took control again, even despite the expulsion of Rojas, by double warning. And another controversy arrived. Montiel had the ball, ready to kick the penalty (he is the current specialist), for an alleged lack of Empereur to Matías Suárez, that fell after a snag. From TV, before the VAR’s call to the judge, it was clearly seen that Suárez had thrown himself. It was a correct decision not to validate the penalty, which the referee had marked, after four minutes of watching the screen.

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