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The Viking Raiders have not wrestled since the Raw of September 7, 2020 due to an injury to Ivar that has kept the team in dry dock ever since; Although Erik has played some matches in these months, both in WWE’s own red brand program and in the Main Event. He even had his chances on the now defunct Raw Underground.

But what the fans really want is the return of the duo. A duo that fell in love with everyone (those who did not know her before the empire) during their times in NXT. They were never the same again once they left the yellow mark but this is one thing and another not even being able to compete. However, it seems that there is not much left for them to return.

► The Viking Raiders would return to WWE soon

The Viking Raiders / WWEThe Viking Raiders / WWEThe Viking Raiders / WWE

We can make this statement due to a recent response from Erik himself in the WWE publication on Instagram confirming Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode as new SmackDown Couples Champions. The Viking simply posted the eye emoji hinting that They will soon make their comeback to seek a shot at the title of the blue brand that their dressing room mates just landed. It should be mentioned that both are currently part of the cast of Raw. On the other hand, it would not be the first time that there is a change of brands after a return.

There is no doubt that it would be a perfect way for the Viking Raiders to come back to face the monarchs of the tag team division. Who knows if they will not be the ones who will soon hold that championship. It could even be anticipated that both pairs are going to see each other in Royal Rumble 2021. But let’s see what happens in the next few weeks.

As a curiosity we can point out that Erik and Ivar against Ziggler and Roode were previously given for the Raw Couples Championship; in fact, the two teams have met in a stringing seven times to date. But only one with a title in between. And speaking of the possibility that the SmackDown scepter changes hands in favor of the Vikings, we must also mention that precisely that time, on the Raw of October 14, 2019, Erik and Ivar were the winners of the fight, taking with them the championship of the red mark.

dolph ziggler and robert roode smackdown january 8, 2021dolph ziggler and robert roode smackdown january 8, 2021Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions – WWE

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