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Although it surely has not yet reached the same impact as the Tesla Semi Truck or the Nikola One, the Volta Zero is taking very important steps to position itself very well within the freight career of the future. Logistics companies continue to seek solutions for the urban delivery of their products, and while companies like Amazon turn to new products such as Rivian vans, Volta Trucks seeks to establish itself as a great alternative.

In this way, the project was born last September, announcing the possibility that by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022 the first units of the Volta Zero, a 16-ton truck which has a 100% electric autonomy of between 150 and 200 kilometers. At the moment, the company of Swedish origin (its founders are Carl-Magnus Norden and Kjell Walöen) established in the United Kingdom, has not revealed many of the characteristics of the model, but it has recently been announced that it will have suppliers such as Meritor for the powertrain and Proterra for batteries.

All in it is specifically designed precisely for that commercial cast in urban areas, including the cab, which has the operator’s seat in a central and very low position, with a design of the windshield oriented to facilitate a 220-degree viewing angle that facilitates wide visibility in areas where it will coexist with pedestrians, cyclists or users of electric scooters.

A Volta Zero has up to 90% fewer mechanical components than an equivalent conventional heat engine truck

The Nissan plant in Barcelona possible new home:

Once the presentations are made, Volta Trucks has gained some notoriety in the last few hours by announcing that they are studying the possibility of the Volta Zero being manufactured in Spain, specifically taking advantage of the facilities that the Nissan company has in Barcelona and which will close in the coming months after the announcement made by the Japanese manufacturer. Although it is not the only alternative for Volta, it is recognized that the Decarbonisation Hub project that the authorities are proposing for the Catalan facilities could fit perfectly with what the truck firm is looking for.

Volta Trucks’ own CTO, Kjell waloen, said: “we will conclude our investigations shortly, but having the option of manufacturing the Volta Zero in Barcelona could be interesting for us”, hinting that it would precisely be among “the small group of finalists” that would be evaluating as assembly facilities for your truck.

Volta Zero 2021 3

The Volta Zero is 9,460mm long, 3,470mm high and 2,550mm wide, with a 4,800mm wheelbase. It has a maximum speed of 90 km / h

It becomes clear that this step It will also depend on the economic boost that you want to give it from the government plans of support to the industry and electrification, with the manufacturer itself ensuring that if it opts for our country: “it could be interesting to serve the cities of southern Europe for which the decarbonisation of commercial vehicles is becoming a priority every more important time ”. At the moment, the Volta Zero It will be presented in Spain on April 12-22 with an exhibition in MercaMadrid, which will be followed by a trip to MercaBarna, where it will be exhibited between April 26 and May 6.

We must remember that this not the first project related to the Nissan factory in Barcelona, ​​rumored since the creation of a Battery Hub for the manufacture of electric car batteries by LG (intended for SEAT and Cupra electric vehicles) or Schneider Electric, as well as the possibility of installing the manufacture of small vehicles there industrial electricals from the Swedish firm Inzile.

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