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Kayleigh McEnany

Biden already surpasses Trump by more than six million votes nationally. The Trump campaign has lost 28 lawsuits in which it denounced electoral fraud

The White House press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, on Friday avoided pronouncing on when the president of the United States, Donald Trump, will recognize his defeat in the elections and has reiterated that there is “an ongoing litigation” in this regard.

McEnany, who did not appear before the press since October 1, has thus referred to the certification of the electoral results in the state of Michigan and, in parallel, has alluded to the fact that Trump has obtained more votes in the elections than any other. president in the history of the North American nation.

“Right now there is a litigation in progress,” he has settled, focusing on “there are, as far as we know, 74 million Americans who have voted for this president,” something he has called “really extraordinary.”

“There are very real claims that the campaign is pursuing, 234 pages of publicly available affidavits in a single county, Wayne County – in Michigan – and two people on the Board of Elections who have denied certification,” McEnany continued. held that “these are real statements” and “these people deserve to be heard.”

However, the two Republican members of the Wayne Electoral Board referred to by the White House press secretary have certified the election results, after initially refusing to do so, according to the CNN television network.

In parallel, McEnany has repeated the link between vote-by-mail and election fraud, the argument used by Trump repeatedly. In his view, “mass voting by mail” is a system “particularly prone to fraud”, something that he has asserted without presenting any evidence.

The Democratic White House candidate, Joe Biden, won the November 3 election, according to all projections. However, the current president has not acknowledged his defeat and has pointed to a “fraud” committed in the elections.


Trump has met with several Republican legislators from the state of Michigan, one of those who won in 2016 and that Biden snatched from him in these elections, this Saturday with the certification of the electoral result on the table.

After the meeting, the deputies have issued a statement in which they assured that “so far no information has been notified that could change the outcome of the election in Michigan.”

“We will follow the normal process according to the law regarding the voters of Michigan (…) And the candidates with the most votes will win the elections and the electoral votes of Michigan,” they have indicated in the text in which they also mention that they have asked the president for more federal funds to fight the pandemic.

Each US state parliament must certify the results of the elections and send its representatives to the Electoral College, the body that formally chooses the president.

In previous elections, this process is considered a mere formality, but the Trump campaign has tried to delay it in several states with its lawsuits in court.

There is no evidence to support the accusations of fraud made by Trump and his closest allies to question the outcome of the election and, according to CNN, the US president’s campaign has already lost 28 lawsuits in different courts in the country.

Also, as votes continue to be counted in different parts of the country, the distance that Biden has on Trump increases and this Friday it has already exceeded 6 million votes.

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