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THE Kenya on Sunday (21/2) in a “thriller” game defeated Angola with a basket by the leader of Ongue with 74-73 and qualified for its final phase Afrobasket, with a big historical difference the fact that you had on her counter woman head coach which is also the Liz Mills.

Liz Mills in the last hours saw her name become a trend in world sports, since now is the first female coach to lead an African team to the Afrobasket final and at the same time the first that of course will participate in the event.

The coach from Australia who started playing the sport at the age of 11 was not from the beginning of the Afrobasket Qualifying Phase on the bench in Kenya, as the position was held by the coach August which was finally a thing of the past and the job on the edge of the African country bench was taken by Liz Mills for two games and she achieved something that no other woman in basketball had ever achieved!

Liz Mills has been playing basketball in Africa for almost a decade now since 2011 is there with a personal goal to develop and develop through it and is undoubtedly a model for world basketball which is now changing and modernizing as we do not forget that the beginning has been made by USA and the NBA with Becky Hammons of the San Antonio Spurs.

This rare phenomenon of a female coach being the “boss” of a team and even the Men’s National Team, Mills’s goal is as she stated when she took over the position in Kenya to trust the teams and the federations women coaches, while even after the historic stressed the success of the qualification again speaking to reporters: “The most important thing is to pave the way for the next generation of female coaches, to show them that everything is possible”!

Read what she said on the official FIBA ​​website after her recruitment, but also after Kenya’s qualification to the Afrobasket:

To qualify: “I hope the list does not stop here and there will be another woman to lead a team to the finals of Afrobasket or even the World Cup. “The most important thing is to pave the way for the next generation of women coaches, to show them that anything is possible.”

For her experience: “I was in different teams and situations for almost a decade and I worked as a team coach.”

For Brigitte Afidehom Tonon who was the first female coach in Africa: “I have great respect for Tonon. “I remember when I was in Zambia and she was in Benin and I thought that was a terrible thing.”

For her relationship with sports from a young age: “My twin sister and I grew up playing sports since we were 15, while we watched women’s basketball from the age of 11.”

For sports for a woman in Africa: “My teams have welcomed me to Africa and this clearly shows the desire to have more women coaches in the sport. But how can there be more women if they are not trusted by teams and teams and federations? ”

He said about the Kenyan team: “Our biggest concern is our inexperience, but we have a team of fighters so I think we will succeed.”

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