The world breathes after the triumph of Biden

Joan Biden will not have it easy, in the face of a divided country and a Donald Trump who does not intend to surrender without giving war with legal battles that this time will not have the support of the Republicans. But Biden has succeeded and becomes the oldest president to reach the White House and also the most voted. The world breathes after the triumph of the democrat.

Biden, despite not being the ideal candidate for anyone, was Obama vice president, and today is congratulated by the main leaders of the whole world. With a hard family life, as a young man he lost his wife and daughter, and with his new family he has lived the death of his first-born cancer, he has always maintained a dialoguing and not very aggressive profile that today is appreciated in front of what he has represented Donald Trump.

The first leader to congratulate Joe Biden has been Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who in a statement has not mentioned Donald Trump, with whom he has had a difficult relationship.

Kamala harris

The youth, given Biden’s extensive political experience, will be contributed by his vice president, Kamala Harris, the first woman to hold this position in the US. The ecologist and feminist who has made history, of a Jamaican father and Tamil mother.

But for the still President, all this does not go with him. In fact, the campaigna Trump continues his legal offensive to dispute the results of the vote by mail, a method that he himself uses but which he labels as fraudulent without providing any proof.

From the moment that Biden’s virtual victory was recognized, celebrations have taken place in the great states of the USA.

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