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The daily mortality due to the action of the covid is the most serious so far in the pandemic, registering 15 thousand deaths from the disease in the last 24 hours in the world

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The daily mortality due to the action of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus reported its most serious data so far in the pandemic on Saturday, registering 15,000 deaths from the covid-19 disease in the last 24 hours, while several countries of the world already apply aggressive vaccination plans.

For the World Health Organization (WHO), which reported the number in its traditional daily press conference from Geneva (Switzerland), it is a record figure that places the total number of deaths from the pandemic at 1.9 million.

The health entity of the United Nations system also affirmed that 800,000 new infections of the pathogen were also registered, one of the highest daily figures in more than a year of health crisis, and that leaves the global total at 87.5 million.

For its part, the figures given by Johns Hopkins University tend to be closer to those of the WHO, since they register that in the same period of time 14,858 people lost their lives due to covid-19, while 812,212 infections occurred.

According to the WHO report, in Europe, with an accumulated of 28 million cases and 622,000 deaths, and which registered 273,000 cases and 6,000 deaths between Friday and Saturday, there is no evidence for now a clear rebound compared to previous weeks.

America is the one that worries the most in all lines of the pandemic. 440,000 positive diagnoses and 7,800 deaths were added in the same day, so that the continent accumulates in more than a year of a pandemic 38 million infections and more than 900,000 deaths.

Most experts are concluding that the holidays, in which there were Christmas celebration meetings without respecting social distancing, the use of a mask and hand washing, is being reported in the increase in hospital admissions, which it is causing systems, especially in Latin America, to collapse.

The United States remains the most affected country, with 21 million cases, followed by India (10 million) and Brazil, which last day reported a record number of daily cases (62,000, leaving more than 8 million infected) .

The United Kingdom, where Prime Minister Boris Johnson again decreed a strict quarantine on January 4 in the face of the exponential increase in cases and deaths, maintains a growth curve of positives in constant elevation with 2.9 million, while Russia is going in the opposite direction with an accumulation of 3.3 million.

In France (2.7 million infections), Italy (2.2 million) and Spain (2 million) the curve of daily positives rises again, but has not yet reached the November highs.

Germany (1.8 million cases in total) shows some stabilization after weeks of strong growth, while Colombia continues to post record daily figures and adds 1.7 million positives.


Although Africa is one of the continents that has been least affected by the impact of the pandemic, health authorities are watching with concern the increase in infections and deaths, which have already reached 3 million and 72,000 respectively across the continent, according to the Johns Hopkins University.

But 40.3% of all cases on the continent and 32,824 deaths are being accounted for in a single country: South Africa.

« The number of cases has increased rapidly in recent weeks as we have de-escalated and people began to move, » John Nkengasong, director of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told . today.

South Africa faces a more aggressive second wave, in part, due to the presence of the variant of the coronavirus N501Y, which would be more transmissible and would be behind the more than 110,000 infections registered just in the last week.

South Africa is followed by Morocco with about half a million infections, Tunisia (almost 155,000), Egypt (147,810) and Ethiopia (127,572).


In the midst of total confinement in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, received the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine this Saturday.

The sovereign, 94, and the duke, 99, were vaccinated by a royal doctor at their residence in Windsor Castle, outside London.

Elsewhere in Europe, in the Vatican, it was reported that Fabrizzio Socorsi, Pope Francis’ personal physician, died as a result of covid-19.

Soccorsi, 78, was admitted to the Gemelli hospital for an oncological pathology and had been chosen as a personal doctor by Francisco in 2015, when he was a consultant to the Vatican’s Directorate of Health and Hygiene and emeritus director of Hepatology at the San Camilo Hospital in Rome.

On January 2, the Vatican announced that it will begin its vaccination campaign against the coronavirus, predictably in the middle of the month, with priority for health and public security personnel, the elderly and workers in contact with the public.


A clandestine party in a mansion on the coast of Chile, attended by young people from wealthy families, is generating a great controversy for ending without detainees, unlike other illegal gatherings that ended this week with dozens of arrests.

In the last hours, a video and audios of young people who recently met in a house in the exclusive resort of Cachagua, 180 kilometers northwest of Santiago, circulated on social networks, to drink and dance without a mask or social distancing.

Among the attendees, there were children of deputies and businessmen from the richest neighborhoods of Santiago, graduated from the best schools in the country, according to local media.

There are already 20 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 among those attending that party and the Ministry of Health is investigating the possibility of carriers with the British strain, characterized by its greater aggressiveness in contagion

This Sunday, snowfalls in Catalonia, the Valencian Community and Aragon, which is still on red alert

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